Splurge/Steal: Horse Bonnets

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Before you read this post, you need to know that I’m ALL ABOUT trendy and beddazled accessories (especially when it comes to my horse and I at shows). If I’m going away to compete for the weekend, whether on the A circuit or on the OCEA/IHSA circuits, I don’t travel lightly (people actually think I have a problem).

I’ll have a different outfit prepared for each day away (with a matching one for my horse). 

My friends call me “extra”, and I love it.


No shame. Moving on…. 


De La Coeur Bonnets:

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These bonnets are TO. DIE. FOR.

I own about five or six at the moment (some are modelled by Abby on the photos above), and I’ve been in love since the very start. 


You can choose to buy a pre-made product, or to customize your own. DLC offers many options to design your dream bonnet:

  • Coloured Crystals
  • Rhinestones
  • Beads
  • Sparkle Trim
  • Monogramming or logos (because why the hell not!)
  • Charms

Visit their website and stalk the brand’s instagram (caution: you WILL be obsessed). If you ever attend the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto, I strongly recommend you stop by the DLC booth and check out their amazing products. 

The price can vary from $65 CAD for a pony bonnet to $140+ CAD for a custom bonnet. 


If you are feeling EXTRA (extraer than me), check out the unique HorseCom bonnet.

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This high-tech product, that comes with a headset for the rider, lets you talk to and play music for your horse. Its technology is similar to that of the Bose Quiet Comfort 35 headphones for humans.

Find out more on the HorseCom website.

It is priced at €199 + €29.90/month for 12 months. 


Fun Bonnets

A super alternative to De La Coeur bonnets. You can customize your horse’s bonnet without breaking the bank. Fun Bonnets lets you choose from many colors, add some cord trim, put a different colored edge and add some bling.

Check out their website here.

Customize your bonnet for under $100


-Equestrian Student




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