Top 10 Equestrian Luggage & Bags

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So here’s the thing…

It’s impossible for equestrians to travel lightly. We have so much to bring at the show: boots, helmet, saddle, breeches, show jacket, etc., etc.  


We can try all we want… but we just can’t fit it all in a bag or two.

One thing we CAN do, is travel in style!

So here are our top 10 equestrian luggage & bags, in no particular order.



Aside from fancy shmancy helmets, Samshield sells this gorgeous ringside bag (or “Iconpack”, as they call it). It was designed alongside the brand ambassadors, with the help of their grooms, for it to be extra practical (so bottom line, it is extra practical). Don’t let yourself be fooled by its shiny leather look… this ba(e)g is actually made of waterproof polyester and is super resistant for the equestrian lifestyle.

Tip: Don’t want to lose it? Get your name or initials embroidered on it! 

Available Colours/Patterns: Black/Green & Brown/Beige (Bad & Boujee) 



YES… Our Splurge of the Week made it on our list (duh!). This little guy has got you covered with looks & functionality. Make sure to snap&share a pic of you and your bag so the whole world can see how cool you are (seriously). 

Tip: Their backpacks have laptop sleeves. Bring everything you need with you at the show, including your homework. So blessed Maelort & Co thought of us students. 

Available Colours/Patterns: Black/Tan, Black/Black & Navy



The Shedrow Deluxe Bag is our wallet-friendly guy: simple look, practical and inexpensive. The backpack features all kinds of storage options (crop, water bottle, laptop, helmet, etc.). If you want to extend your bag collection, the brand also sells boot, helmet and garment bags (so why not get the whole matching set for a good price).

Tip: Think it looks boring and you don’t wanna spend too much on a ringside bag? Spice it up with some iron-on patches, pins or get it embroidered. 

Available Colours/Patterns: Black/White 

HERMES ($$$$$)

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Yes. Hermès sells an equestrian bag and it’s everything you would expect. For $3,275.00 USD, you get a good looking water resistant luxury bag in which you can store a few things including your helmet, boots and crop. You’ll be sure to impress a lot of people with this one.  

Tip: The interior is removable to wash (I would hope so at that price tag)!

Available Colours/Patterns: Khaki/Fire


Three words: SO. DAMN. CUTE. (We’ll take one in every colour please & thank you). Very Canadian, very stylish and very machine washable! Can’t get enough of this bag? Get yourself a matching set with the brand’s boot bags, drawstring helmet bags (great for carrying snacks btw) & boot towels.

Tip: Like the looks of it but are scared of ruining it with your dirty riding boots? Wrap each one in a garbage bag before you put them in if you didn’t have time (or were too lazy) to wash them. 

Available Colours/Patterns: So. Many. Options. Hansen for the win!



We are obsessed with Equiline… so we obviously couldn’t skip the brand’s boot bag. It’s made out of polyester (super resistant material) and is easy to clean. We love the simple and classy look it has to offer. Just your average boot bag, but like, way better. If you’re sticking to the basics but want a little upgrade, this guy is perfect for you.

Tip: Consider their all-in-one bag in which you can carry both your boots and your helmet. 

Available Colours/Patterns: Black or Navy

BAKER ($$$)


Baker definitely has got some Burberry vibes going on.. The material is elegant, traditional and resistant. They sell on the pricier side, but for sure stand out from your average boot bags.

Tip: Are you obsessed with matching things? The brand offers a lot of various products in their famous pattern, including horse and dog blankets. 

Available Colours/Patterns: Baker pattern


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Sadly, we can’t get our hands on Cavalleria Toscana ringside bags (yet???), but why not opt for this GORGEOUS duffle? Before you get too excited, you need to know that it’s on the pricier side (being a more upscale equestrian label and all). But if you’re willing to splurge on luxury & quality, then this guy is a must. You are guaranteed to turn heads with a bag like this one. We are obsessed.  

Tip: Use it as your duffle for a weekend away at the show!

Available Colours/Patterns: Navy or Black 

GPA ($$$) 


The GPA 4S Groom Bag was designed to match the Redline helmets. This backpack is ideal for someone looking for a sportier look. It was designed for busy riders or grooms who need all in one place. Don’t be scared to go through it fast because this guy was made though. 

Tip: The helmet flap is removable for you to get it embroidered with your name, initials, sponsors or logo. 

Available Colours/Patterns: Black/Red



We kept the cutest for last! Protect your gear in style with this quilted and embroidered (included in price) boot bag. It has extra pockets on the side for your small accessories (i.e. spurs, extra pair of socks, etc.). The best part about it is its price!

Tip: They sell garment and helmet bags in the same pattern, so show up looking like a boss with your matching bag collection. 

Available Colours/Patterns: There are a few options but this is by far the cutest. 

Did we skip some of your personal favourites? 

Let us know by commenting. We will make sure to add it to our Equestrian Bags Review video (coming soon).

– Equestrian Student


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