Eq Student Goes To: Osheaga 2017, Your Guide to the Best Music Festival Experience

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Artists you actually listen to, free goodies & no wasted 14 year olds.
Sign me the hell up.


A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to have time off of both riding and work to take a little trip to Montreal and get lit with The Weeknd, Major Lazer & Lorde.

When it comes to music festivals, Canada fails to impress. Obviously, when looking at events like Glastonbury, Lollapalooza, Tomorrowland & Coachella (sure, call me basic), we can’t really compete.

Aside from Toronto & area (where most music events are held in our country, EH?), MTL hosts a 3 day paradise-like festival by the name of Osheaga…

Bluesfest, take a seat.

So with that being said, I present to you my top 5 music festival tips.


Number one rule: go LIGHT on the makeup! I know, I know… I sound like a mom, but it’ll either be heat-stroke-sunny or pouring rain. So whatever the case, your flawless contour and excessive highlight are at risk.

BONUS TIP: If you’re down and got extra $$$ to spend, try getting eyelash extensions. They were the ultimate solution to my problem as I tend to look like a little boy sans falsies. I swear, it was as entertaining to see other girls struggle to stick their fakes back onto their smudged eyelids in the pouring rain.

Overall a good Weeknd (get it?)


Unless you’re made out of money (which you most likely are not), you’re probably going to want to avoid spending $10 on 0.001 mL of alcohol. You can get the feels goin’ with some ciders, or hit the Pinterest and mix up some cute drinks for the ‘gram. You obviously can’t carry booze in, or maybe you can… (check out this sunscreen flask), so it’s always a good idea to get your buzz on before the event so you don’t leave broke.

To make it more fun, play some drinking games and spice it up by having the loser buy the drinks (as long as you don’t lose). SO HEY, gather your festival buddies, get tipsy and pose for polaroids on the balcony like the basic girls you are.

Day 1


Planning the key details of your day could save you SO much time and keep the stress to a minimum.

If you’re planning the way there, leave plenty of travel time in accordance with the first act you want to see. With so many people coming in and out, unforeseen things happen. Unexpected lines and walking routes around the festival are pretty much inevitable. (Trust me, I ran for my life & still missed Tove Lo. Stupid bag check.)

If you’re planning on seeing the headliner and then taking any sort of public transport home (uber, metro, bus, etc.), good luck. At closing time, all hell breaks loose… So I recommend you stay for that one song you actually know, or you go home. If you don’t mind huge crowds & long lines, stay until the end and enjoy. If you want to get home as quick as possible, leave a little bit earlier to avoid the mess.

Didn’t even know this band so hit up the ferris wheel


For $100 a day (if not more) it’s comforting to know there are places where you can relax with your friends in between the craziness of crowds.

Osheaga offers so much more than the killer artist line up. If you’re not feeling too top notch, are sleep-deprived or you drank too much, just go nap it off on a hammock (yes, you read that right). There are many places where you can fill up water bottles, so bring an empty one to the festival if you’re down to save on that. Charging stations are also super popular because phone batteries die down fast (“If I don’t snap it, did it really happen?”). 

More importantly, there’s all the sponsors. That’s right, free goodies. Aside from overdosing on Vitaminwater samples, I hung out in the different lounges and even did some rides. ALL FOR FREE. Both the H&M and Perrier lounges were super cool: literally, they had A/C (bless).

Also, don’t be shy to flag down the OSH photographers. They’re there for a reason! They scan your bracelet and send the pics directly to you. Why not even share it on Facebook so Aunt Karen can roast your drunk ass.

Missed them on campus last fall, caught them here!


You’d be surprised how much you can fit into a tiny backpack.

Rain Poncho

(yeah, you’ll look like a Disney World dad but you can thank me later)

Reusable water bottle 

Just make sure not to bring it in full, or else they’ll make you dump that precious vodka H2O out 

(P.S. S’well water bottles keep your water cold all day, and they’re cute af).


Check out Asos for a wide variety of sunnies. They’ve even got cheaper ones if you’re scared of  breaking your precious Ray Bans while crowd surfing.

Beauty Essentials

We’ve linked them above because we’re nice like that.

Hand Sanitizer

Festivals are gross. 

Expensive Perrier so I had to pose with it


It’s sad to see festival season come to an end, but keep these tips with you when it comes back next summer. Until next time.


Equestrian Student



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