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The Equestrian Student is a one stop destination for student-riders who love all that is equestrian, fashion and lifestyle! It is a community of hard workers, horse lovers, trend seekers and grinders. It’s your go-to read while waiting for your grande-soy-matcha-latte-no-sweetener-with-extra-foam at Starbucks, while stretching after a killer workout you barely managed to squeeze in your day, when in between horses at the show, or just during your downtime in general, whatever yours is.


  • Olivia D’Errico
  • Canadian 
  • Early 20s

I currently study business at the University of Ottawa and ride on the Equestrian Team (for which I am the Events and Communications Coordinator). In between riding and school, I work for my dad’s Montreal-based company. I won’t lie… sometimes balancing it all can be overwhelming, but I’m all about the grind and love everything I do.

Horses have been a big part of my life for the past 15 years. I’ve been showing since I was ten years old when I started in the short-stirrups division. I had the chance to experience it all: hunters, equitations and jumpers… Oh am I a sucker for the jumper-land! I’m seriously hooked, it’s a problem!

I had to make a big decision last summer: focus on school or riding (as my job). Although I’m undeniably in love with riding (duh!), my main goal has always been to complete an M.B.A. and build up a very accomplished career. I took the decision to lease out my AMAZING mare, and focus mainly on school for a few years. While I miss her a lot, I don’t regret this decision. The University Equestrian Team has been a great compromise and a good experience to me! I’m also blessed to have to chance to ride an amazing up-and-coming 6yo gelding. 



Photo by Alaa Youssef – @alaayoussefjr